Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Congratulations Lauren and Scott

There are times in one's life where time almost stands still.  For one week, we escaped the desert to go back east for Howard's cousin Lauren's wedding.  While there we enjoyed family and friends and beheld great historical places like Independence Hall in Philadelphia and observed great inventions such as the Wright brothers' first plane.

For me  going back home to Pennsylvania in the Autumn was an opportunity to view the natural pallette of color that God paints the country side each year with the changing of leaf color. 
We had a great time visiting with my niece and her husband and great nephew.  My sister and other niece came over every day.  On Sunday we had an awesome visit with my family.  I got to see my aunt and my dad's youngest brother.  I got to meet my cousin and his son and his sweet youngest daughter.  My girls went horseback riding which they absolutely loved and enjoyed very much.   

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