Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Belated Birthday Card

A few months ago, my family and I went back east for a family wedding and while there we got to visit my family.  Sometimes in the past when I was on vacation I would think about work and it was difficult.  Work and the people seemed a world away.  That is sort of what it was like for me.  But life still went on for my friends here.  Especially for one friend who turned a significant number this year.  Since we got home, I helped out with school parties, MOPS at church got ready for both Hanukkah and Christmas and geared up for having the children home with me for over 14 days.  I thought once they went back things would slow down but things have been in full gear.  Anyway, in the midst of all of my chaos I have desperately trying to finish up a birthday gift for my friend.  If she gives me permission, I will share it with you next week.  I took childhood pictures and decorated around them.  I at least made copies so that my friend's mom would have the originals and then I happily painted, stickled and had all sorts of fun with her baby pictures. 

Anyway, this is the card that I am giving my friend.  The sentiment "I wanted to give you a reason to celebrate your birthday a little longer.  Happy Belated Birthday" and it was stamped in ink that can be used to emboss gold embossing powder. I made the one flower by painting Tatter Rose Crackled Paint and the middle I used Crackle glue.  The other flower I "painted" with my liquid gold pearl ink.  As I have mentioned a few times before that is a favorite of mine. 

Also, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to my sister, Barbara. 

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