Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Roberta

This is my most unique card yet! In celebration of my mother-in-law's ____th birthday, I took her drawings and asked a local rubber stamp company if they could make the drawings into a stamp. Actually we decided to make two stamps. One is just the head and the other is the dress so I can add the head to other designs down the road. This stamp set I am affectionately calling "Roberta".

I wanted this little beauty to dazzle just as my mother-in-law does so I blinged her up with Stickles and Perfect Pearls. With liquid pearls I made even her cuffs and waist shimmer in gold.


Julie said...


What a great idea...and this will be sooo memorable for her. I can't wait to see future stamps!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

So, what fun is that ~ to take a drawing of you mother in law's and turn it into a stamp!!! Are you going to have more stamps made of "Roberta" and sell them in your Etsy store?

LindaCCC said...

I would love to have more stamps made down the road to sell on Etsy. So many ideas! So little money :).

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