Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary and Family Announcement

A friend asked me to make an Anniversary Card for some relatives so I tried some new things. I squeezed some Liquid Pearl - Gold into an egg carton and then dabbed a paint brush in the Liquid Pearl and "painted" over the image. The picture doesn't do the end result justice. It gave a beautiful pearlized/shimmering effect. I took some of Tim Holtz musical notes Tissue paper Tape and put on some paper and then with a heart punch, I punched some hearts out. I sponged in Bundled Sage and then stamped "Happy Anniversary". I used one of the newer corner punches from Stampin' Up to give a pretty corner edging to it.

One of the nicest compliments a card maker can receive is to be asked to make another card from someone. And that is what happened here. My friend asked me to make another card. So I measured across 5 1/4" and cut down the length of the paper. I then trimmed off some so that the length measured 10 1/2". Then I scored at 5 1/4" which makes a perfect square. I cut out in neutral paper 5 1/4" x 5 1/4". I cut out the handsome couple dancing. I knew I wanted to layer this card and this next design was very beautiful and romantic with bold splashes of pink set along with romantic pink flowers and dark and light green leaves. I added Distressed Stickles "Peeled Paint" on one of the leaves. This was just enough of an extra element to give the card just a bit of sparkle. I then took Tim Holtz musical notes Tissue Paper Tape and sponged over in Bundled Sage and then stamped a harp in Stampin Up's Red Rose. Hearts, flowers, and satin are all images of romance that I think about and therefore that is why I decided to add the Satin Ribbon and anchor both ends with hearts. I added just an extra little romance by adding the green pearl beads.

As you may know from reading my blog a few months back we lost our beloved 13 year old lab/husky mix. We were going to wait until November to get a puppy for the family. I was looking into getting a Shih Tzu, but then we decided that we truly shouldn't be spending all of the money needed for a pure bread puppy. So I started poking around to see what kind of puppies are available. I wanted a young puppy that could "grow" with us. There was an advertisement on Ebay for Cocker Spaniel/Shih Tzu mix puppies that were 8 weeks old. I had always liked the Cocker Spaniel but wasn't sure about it with children. However, the Shih Tzu breed is very friendly with children and very happy to please so we went the other day to check some puppies out.
I went there with the intent of picking up a girl puppy. And as much as I love the look of the Shih Tzu breed (all 3 girls took after their Shih Tzu father), this little fellow ran up to me and licked my face and his sisters came running too, and it was really hard to decide but he kept nudging his way up front. My husband and son were more partial to a boy puppy and since my husband prefers the big huskies dogs and since this puppy seemed to take a shine to me, we chose this little guy (who took after his Cocker Spaniel mother) . He went into his crate last night. He whined and cried a wee big but I talked to him and poked my finger through the crate and he eventually fell asleep only to wake up a little later because he had to go out. He was really good all night about waking up and doing his business outside and going back in his crate. We both got wet around 5:00 AM when the sprinklers were going, and I had a difficult time seeing the back yard as our lighting isn't so great back there.

Our family is traveling back east in October for Howard's cousin Lauren's wedding. So one major consideration and one reason we were going to wait until November to bring a new dog into the family. However, the woman that rescued these puppies also puppy/dog sits and she agreed to watch him for the week which meant we could start acclimating him with our family and we would have a safe and happy environment for him to be while we go away. By the way, since I got to pick the family dog out (meaning after 11 years of asking for a smaller breed dog), my husband got to pick the name. What other namewould you expect a Cowboys' fan to pick for the family dog, but Dallas. Go Cowboys!


AMKreations said...

He's adorable! Congrats...I'm sure you'll be enjoying him. =)

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

What a cutie and I like your cards too.

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