Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Faded Jeans

I was looking through People magazine and saw that denim is used in addition to jeans for items such as bags, shoes and other accessories. With that in mind, I started using my Faded Jeans Ranger Ink. For this card I used SU stamp from the SU 24-7 Set and inked it in Faded Jeans. I then took the corners and cut it with the new corner punch that was in the mini catalog. I needed to pull in a little more color so I sponged Faded Jeans ink on a slightly larger rectangle. I wasn't sure if I should use an additional color but went for it with Ranger Ink Aged Mahogany. I liked the way everything look but wanted to try the Distressed Stickles so I added some Faded Jean Stickles to the blue paper and Aged Mahogany Stickles to the heart. I am very happy with the way this card turned out.

Sometimes I like to just sit and stamp with no real thought or direction. Today I stamped two of SU 24-7 stamps in Watermark Resist Ink and then sponged it in Faded Jeans ink. I was very happy with the results from that project and decided to cut the paper in half and make two cards out of it. I then stamped the bird again in Faded Jeans ink and cut it out. I then highlighted part of the bird with Faded Jeans Distressed Stickles. I took a sponge to a 1 inch strip of paper and added Stained Walnut Ranger Distressed Ink and then cut it with the Eyelet Punch from Stampin' Up. In addition I stained another small piece of paper in Faded Jeans and Stamped Happy Birthday in Walnut Stain ink. For my last card I punched out one of the corners and stained the edges with Walnut Stained Ranger Distressed Ink. I took the Walnut Stained ink and punched out an oval scallop shape and stained it. Finally with Faded Jeans I sponged an oval shape and stamped Thank You in Walnut Stain ink.
These two cards (Happy Birthday and Thank You) are now listed at my on-line store

Faded Jeans Distressed Ink and Glitter glue, Walnut Stain Distressed Ink and Glitter glue, and Watermark resist Ink is now on sale now at


AMKreations said...

They look amazing! I like the denim look!

Lisa said...

I, too, LOVE the denim look. GORGEOUS! :)

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