Thursday, April 8, 2010

Playtime With Perfect Pearls

Today I had a lot of fun. Well, if you can count a trip to the dentist fun than it was just a jolly great day. I came home and looked at a few things on the Ranger Ink site And then after many many months of hiding the Perfect Pearls away with the intent on selling them, I decided to pull my Perfect Pearls out and give them another whirl. OH, OH, OH are they pretty and so much fun. I took some of the Perfect Pearls and put them in an empty egg container. I then spritzed the pearl powder with water. I then took a brush and went over a rose that I stamped with the Perfect Pearls. I also took some Turquoise Perfect Pearls and mixed it with water. and then sprayed the papers with the mixture. Oh my gosh, it gave such a beautiful shimmer over the papers. Below is another one that I did using Sunset Sparkle on the rose.

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