Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nantucket Flower

A Craft and Summer Thoughts

I wanted to try something new.  So one morning a few weeks ago, I spent using my Cuddlbug and punchers and cut and cut and cut and then I assembled.  I used several of the flowers to make cards which I posted a couple of weeks ago.  I also wanted to try and make a paper bouquet of flowers.  I added navy beans.  I think the red beans go well my flowers. 

This is the last week of summer vacation.  My son is going to a technical camp this week.  They are going to learn to make a video game.  It is so amazing to me what we can teach children today.  He was looking forward to giving up his free time for this camp and is very excited about it.  We weren't sure exactly what he would be learning this week but new it had to do with electronics and that's all my son needed to hear to want to go.

His sisters and I will be finishing out our week swimming and heading to our last summer movie this Thursday.  And then next week will begin a very new chapter in my life or perhaps a new book.  After 11 years of having a hand to hold at the store and shopping with one eye looking for the item and the other eye on a child, I will find myself having both eyes to use to concentrate.  After 11 years of trying to clean out one room only to find another room turned into major chaos, I will be able to organize a room and find the rest of the house the way I left it (unless the dog and cat get into mischief). 


This year after 7 years of living in the desert, my husband and I have decided to add a pool to our back yard.  Above are the images that our designer printed out for us.  Ground hasn't been broken yet, but I will be posting pictures of our evolving back yard.  It should be interesting to be doing this in the middle of monsoon season and with temperatures going above 100 degrees.  I'm not sure how Dallas (our dog) or Ruby (our cat) is going to handle this transformation, but the rest of us are excited.

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