Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Little Dab Here and There and Pool Update

I LOVE the Adirondack Acrylic Dabber Paint by Ranger Ink.  They are so versatile.  I have been using the Pearl one for about a year now with various projects.  It adds a beautiful shimmer to projects.  Recently I tried some new things with my dabbers.  For the first time I took the chance with my rubber stamps and dabbed the paints on them.  I love the bold color that is left behind and also it is fun to touch because it creates a little texture.  The fun part is dabbing or painting your stamp and then dabbing it over with one of the metallic dabbers. 

This is a card project that I worked on for mothers of my MOPs group.  It was a fairly simple project because there were a lot of card with little time.  This is an example of  how you can make  an elegant card quickly.  I just added pretty paper and tried something new by dabbing paint with my paint dabbers  instead of using regular ink on stamps. 

I bought some letters a while ago for my one daughter.  I was waiting until the right time.  I had read something about engaging your children with your craft projects and realized I should just give up my idea and let her do what she wants with the letters since it is for her.  My younger daughter wanted her own letters to paint and so she got some too.  I want to hang these up in there room so I'm delighted with the results.  Both girls painted their letters with acrylic paint and then went over some of the letters by just dabbing circles on them with the paint dabbers and then they added some bling to their letters as well.

First there was the breaking of the ground and clearing away the grass, and then they came with a Bobcat and dug a huge hole that I've been looking at now for a couple of weeks. They then added medal bars to keep the structure for the shockcrete.   Last Friday they came and sprayed the shockcrete.  Today they are coming to lay out the decking.  It is fun to watch the progression of our pool.  I am hoping that it is done by Labor Day but cannot plan anything yet because it will be done when it is done and not before.  At least I have my friend Julie's annual pool party!

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