Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Texas Hold'em Card

I promised myself I wasn't going to make another birthday card for my brother-in-law that had a game theme.  However, when I was shopping for something 3 dimensional for my mother-in-law's birthday card a few weeks ago, I came across this fun package of buttons "In the Money".  I just knew I could use them for Jeff's birthday card.  So I had the buttons, but I didn't have any paper with card or dice images so I was a bit at a loss.  I decided to look around Splitcoast Stampers.  I came across this project
that inspired me very much and thought I could alter a playing card from a deck that was missing some cards.  I decided to use a Queen of Spades and thankfully, that card was there. 

I first put some glaze over the card because I wanted to make it shiny.  I then decided to use Gold Stickles.  I had wanted to alter the card some more by changing out the queen but I didn't like the way it looked and so just decided to stay with the queen.  I first had it against red paper which looked okay but new it needed more than just the card and some buttons.  I looked through my collection of papers that I just purchased not sure what I would find, but I had this beautiful gold and white paper that I thought I would use for some of my Christmas paper and knew it would make a perfect background and cut that down so the red paper would frame it and then put everything together.

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