Wednesday, August 3, 2011


If you are ever trying to make a special card for someone, there are lots of fun ways to customize.  Once I was asked to make a card for a nursing student that graduated and found a nurse stamp.  The past couple of weeks I added buttons that represent or symbolize things that my in-laws enjoy.  And I even managed to find a paper that had Coney Island on it for a nostalgia piece for my mother-in-law who grew up there.  I recently was asked to make another graduation card.  I could have just put a graduation cap on the front and be done with it.  However, I decided to print out the Rutgers "R" and color it in to make it a special card to give to this graduate.  I used the red and black colors and black ribbon and tied it into a bow and add a pearl bead in the middle to give it a nice touch.  When I use people stamps, I love dressing them up.  It reminds me of being a kid and playing with paper dolls.  To make an outfit with designs on it, all you need to do is stamp the same image on designed paper, cut the area out and lay on top of the original image and glue it down. 

Today I am meeting with my MOPS friends and then my mother-in-law.  I am hoping to have time to try the Created ByHand Challenge.  In the meantime here is the link, if you want to try it out

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